Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

To reach us by phone, call: (727) 252-8594

Pool cleaning services we provide:

  1. $80.00 a month. A service that includes everything detailed in the list down the page, as well as including the vacuuming of the pool floor. This service is especially useful for pools that do not have an automatic pool cleaner. (i.e. Navigator)
  2. $60.00 a month: Included in this service is everything detailed in the list down the page. This is a service for pools that already have an automatic pool cleaner, or for pools that do not get a lot of debris on the pool bottom.
  3. One-Time Clean: Visit the “One-Time Clean” page for details. The price varies, and this is not a recurring service.

Every week a pool cleaning tech will come out and perform these essential tasks (The Everything service includes vacuuming)  that will keep a pool clear of debris and left with a clear, shinny, water surface.

  •  A tile line scrub with a brush and tile soap.
  •  leaves and other debris will be removed from the water surface with a net.
  •  Testing of the water chemistry, which will conclude with the addition of any needed     chemicals. (Including salt for salt pools)
  •  Brushing of the walls and steps.
  •  A cartridge filter will be removed and sprayed down every week. A D.E./sand filter will be backwashed once a month.
  •  Baskets in the skimmer and pump will be inspected and cleaned.
  •  All other equipment will be inspected, and all problems will be reported to the pool owner.

Our pool cleaning tech will come to your house with an expert level of knowledge of pool cleaning and pool systems. He/She will have been sufficiently trained, and would not be on the road, if we didn’t think that they are the best pool cleaner out there.  

Weather is a huge factor in pool cleaning in Florida, and our techs are prepared to deal with whatever kind of weather comes their way. They know how to treat a pool for an upcoming rainy week, and they know how to clean a pool after it’s been filled with leaves after a particularly windy storm. Hot or cold, rain or shine, we will be out there cleaning pools.

There are several types of pool surfaces out there, and each one requires its own type of attention. Understand that our techs have seen them all and know how to deal with any situation that can arise with each individual surface material.

Here at The Pool Chemist, we feel that we are the right company for you and your pool. Don’t hesitate to call us today and get your weekly pool cleaning service started!!! (Check out our “Contact Us” page)

We believe our pool cleaning service comes with a special attention to detail not found with most companies. Our pool cleaning service brings you a crystal clear pool where there once might not have been one.