About Us


The Pool Chemist is a pool cleaning company dedicated to bringing superior service to you and your pool.

Visit the Weekly Service page to learn more about our pool cleaning services.

Contact us at : (727)252-8594

Our mission is simple: to provide Pinellas County with a pool cleaning company that takes pride in it’s work. We are achieving this through dedication, punctuality, expert pool care, and of course, CHEMISTRY

Based in Safety Harbor, Florida, we service much of central and northern Pinellas county. Please visit the service area page to see a list of all the cities within what we consider to be our “service area”. Though, of course, we will never just draw a line in the sand.

At this time, this company works strictly on residential pools.

At The Pool Chemist, we believe in friendliness and overall appearance. This is why we have a strict dress code, which includes company provided clothing, and clean trucks.